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Agile Merit Badges
Thursday September 06th 2007, 12:57 pm
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When I was growing up, I was part of a Scout Troop. In fact, in 1982 I was in the annual Gang Show celebrating 75 years of the Scouting Movement. This year they celebrated 100 years… which makes me feel old.

I really enjoyed Scouts. We did things together as a group – mostly outdoors tasks that involved a lot of running, shouting and general fun times. These tasks accumulated and once completed, allowed the Scout to get a badge that was then sewn on to the Scout uniform. There were badges for many things including First Aid, Camping, and even Helping Others (and Sewing – the badges don’t sew themselves on!).

There are some parallels between the Souting Movement and Agile. We work as a team to do things together – and we have fun doing it. So what about merit badges for Agile?

How about a special Agile scarf (where you can sew the badges on to) and even a woggle (different colours to reflect your Agility)? Maybe you could get a Bronze, Silver or Gold TDD badge to reflect the test driven development experience of a developer! How about a badge for Pair Programming? You can even have one just for regular attendance at the daily stand-up.

It’s all a little bit silly, of course… but it would be so much fun to do!