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How much is too much caffiene?
Wednesday August 15th 2007, 5:13 pm
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A news report recently surfaced on the BBC news website about a 17 year old girl who reportedly overdosed on caffiene.

After downing 7 double espressos in her family-run sandwich shop, she started to suffer side effects including laughing and crying before being sent to hospital for observation (she was later discharged home after a few hours).

Regardless of whether she thought they were single or double shots of espresso (the article indicates she thought they were singles)… why was a 17 year old drinking 7 cups of espresso in the first place?!

I love espresso but I never managed to get such an extreme reaction from over indulging (although I did have a fun morning after drinking 4 doubles once).

So I listed my top 5 beverages and found out just how much caffiene is in each of them:

Name Amount
Coca-Cola Zero 355 34.5 10
Diet Coke 355 45.0 13
Coffee (Instant) 237 57.0 24
Starbucks Grande Latte 473 116.0 25
Coffee (Espresso) 44 77.0 175

So 7 cups of single shot espresso would be about 540 mg of caffiene. Double that (she was drinking double shots of espresso) and you’re talking about 1000 mg of caffiene. The same as scoffing 5 double-strength No-Doz pills!

I’m off for a coffee.

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