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Phone calls on the train
Thursday July 26th 2007, 3:58 pm
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I take a train every morning into London as my daily commute begins. Most mornings I travel in the same carriage and so I have begun to recognise some of my fellow travellers. I recognise the tall guy with frizzy hair who always tries to push to the front of the queue, I recognise the fat scowling woman who spends all her time sighing dramatically… and I recognise the chav teenager with the short tie on her way to school somewhere.

All these people, and most of the others who board the train, share one thing in common… they never smile – they all appear sullen and grumpy… and they don’t like it when you attempt to communicate with them about anything. The only time I’ve seen people smile and communicate with others is on the last train home on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday – when they have had a few drinks.

So why do they have no problem holding loud telephone conversations whilst on the train? If there was ever a need for mobile phone signal disrupters to be introduced, this would be it. I blame the mobile phone companies – if they made it more expensive for people to make phone calls, maybe people would use them less frequently.

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